The photographs in this show depict organic sculptures that can occur when body and fabric intertwine. The photographs are an architectural sequence of abstract shapes filled with texture, in addition to, motion and stillness simultaneously. They are accompanied by two hammocks whose intention are for the spectator to use and interact with them in whichever way they please. They are functional objects, a form of social art, in which the spectators is a necessary element for the work to be complete itself.

In this body of work Cordero frees herself from fashion and design constraints and goes unto explore the use, sensation and qualities of fabric in unconventional ways. Through a photographic series and an interactive installation, body and textile become one. The title pertains more to the notion of echo as the result of repetition or response, in her case, the exercise of designing. Consequently, the pieces in this show are the echo —the rebound— of an ongoing exercise and practice, in addition to her study of textile as a form and interactive medium, which is incomplete without a body. It is in ECHO01’s body of work that we see this emerging artist go beyond points of reference, stereotypes, classifications and artistic terminology, to find in fabric and the garment industry a tool to communicate our society consumption and user behavior.

Immersion Hammock, 2017. Handmade hammock 100% cotton. Variable Dimensions. Ed. 1/2

ECO01, 2017. Photo series. C-Print on cotton paper. 11×17” / Ed. 1/3