WAYS OF SEEING (Modos de Ver)

Fabrizio Arrieta _ 27th – June 3rd

Over the past 10 years Arrieta has been persistent in his exploration of painting, oscillating between the figurative and the abstract. His collage like paintings depict scenarios and portraits that corrupt reality; the original image is completely distorted and superimposed by shapes, lines and colors. Arrieta reconstructs visual images that are massively reproduced by current means of production, and thus provides new meanings to cultural signifiers within the collective consciousness.

Arrieta’s admiration and curiosity drives him towards certain artists and movements within the praxis of art throughout history. In “Ways of Seeing,” an obvious allusion to the BBC’s 1972 television series and published book by art critic John Berger, Arrieta is an spectator who reinterprets and appropriates himself of iconic works through the history of art and modernity. Using sculpture as a medium, and studying and revising its principles in order to exercise upon them, Arrieta traces a time- line from Michelangelo’s masterpiece, David, unto the pioneer of modernism, Brancusi, to the ab- solute destruction of the Rietveld’s “Red and Blue Chair”, then unto the use of Lucio Fontana’s Spatialism and culminating — from a chronological perspective — with the minimalism of Carl Andrè. It is in his search for the distortion and root of the form, Arrieta discovers a three-dimensional language.

Partial View, Ways of Seeing, Solo Show by Fabrizio Arrieta

The Virtue of Knowledge, 2017. Resin and black paint. 190x40cm

Partial View, Ways of Seeing, Solo Show by Fabrizio Arrieta

Detail: The Weight of the Past, 2017. Wood and paint. Variable dimensions.